Buffalo Colon Corps FundRazor

Show some love to this hairbrained scheme.

Before entering surgery for colorectal cancer treatment at the end of the month, Kevin Hays has decided to give his FundRazors all the power. There’s strength in numbers, so go in on a group bid to support the Hospital Bedhead campaign. The group with the largest donation by November 23rd gets to decide which hairstyle Kevin will rock leading up to his surgery. Mullet, mohawk, the Alfalfa? An even-worse fate? It’s all fair game.

See his cut in person on November 24th at 8pm.

Kevin’s fresh cut will be featured on the Key Bank Center Jumbotron for the Buffalo Sabres’ Hockey Fights Cancer night, scheduled for November 27th. The game puck will be dropped by a board member from Buffalo Colon Corps, in honor of Kevin and with full knowledge that he has what it takes to kick colon cancer’s ass for the third time.

All proceeds from the Hospital Bedhead campaign will directly benefit Buffalo Colon Corps, a locally based non-profit focused on sparking conversations around and breaking down resistance to colorectal screening - for men and women of all ages.

Get a group of FundRazors together – and support a great local cause today.

Step 1 - Click the donate button below

Step 2 - Choose your donation amount

Step 3 - In the message area, write your name (or group name) and Kevin’s new hairstyle